CCAT theater

Cambria Center for the Arts Theater


CCAT was born from the inspiration of Nancy Green and accomplices and has become the top small theater in the region.  Located in the former auditorium of the historic grammar school, CCAT presents a perfectly cozy film watching experience.

Pweter Plough PLayhouse

The Pewter Plough


The Pewter Plough, Cambria’s unique, intimate “Jewel Box of Community Theatres”, takes its name from an old Welsh plough out front— Cambria being the Latin name for Wales.  The delightful theater was founded by Jim Buckley and has presented entertaining live stage plays and other events year-round since 1976

hearst castle theater

The Hearst Castle Theater


The theater at Hearst Castle Visitor Center boasts a five story screen that screens the resident film “Hearst Castle – Building the Dream” for visitors from all over the world.  The Hearst theater will play host to the fest big events.