Battle of the Brides Still

Short Program What I Did for Love


Think back. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever done in the name of love? These short films capture the heartfelt, sometimes misguided roads we take to meet, satisfy, indulge and often mystify the object of our attention.


Battle of the Brides
After a Bridezilla steals his wedding venue, a meek groom must win a one-of-a-kind wedding gown to appease his overbearing fiancée. (English)

Make a Wish
What would happen if all the dreams you ever wanted in your life suddenly became true? Pablo became an addict of making wishes but it never became true until now. (Subtitles)

Shy Ted only sees his neighbor Amanda when she gets the mail or takes out the trash, but one day she goes missing. When he finally gets the courage to ring her doorbell, he finds out he’s too late. (English)

When Pip and Lydia make it to the final round of a popular game show, their luck and maybe their relationship hang by the thread of a single question. (English)

Untied Shoes
Two young people run into each other in different places, but never get to meet because Alejandro’s shoelaces are always untied. One day that would change; the shoelaces end up causing the opposite. (Subtitles)

A Day to Remember
Garry goes to great, and maybe questionable lengths, to shower his wife Doris with affection, because he can’t remember what is so special about that day. (English)

That’s Life
The young man is determined to tell his feelings to the girl he loves. Will life give him this opportunity? A naive story about the surprises of life. (Subtitles)

The Eiffel tower is the iconic place for every Paris visitor. Koh Kae intends to selfie with it for the best frame. However, there are many obstacles he has to fight. (Music)

Take the Chocolate
It’s a story of two-year old girl who likes a boy and wants to make him her friend. He is not interested but she wouldn’t give up till he is friends with her. (Music)

Excess Baggage
A young couple is about to take a flight to Paris when they find out that the man’s baggage exceeds the weight limits. Something needs to be taken out of the baggage, but the man has something to hide… (Subtitles)