short film program the unexpected

Short Program The Unexpected

The element of surprise is evident in this collection of films that range from serious to comic. Each is unique in its own way to amuse you, delight you, or make you stop and think twice about what “being in love” means to each of us.
Frida receives a call from an ex-boyfriend. She goes with the hope of reviving what they left months ago, but the game turns out to be something totally unexpected for her. (Subtitles)
Memories of You
An old man has built five theater stages in a large warehouse. Now he looks at the reenactment of the most beautiful memories of his life, so he can feel like he did when his wife was still alive. (Subtitles)
Another Empty Space
In the Berlin winter, two ex-lovers meet again for the first time since their break up. (Subtitles)
In the middle of the night, a boy wandering around an old Mediterranean town accidentally witnesses a miracle that will affect his life forever. (Music)
An upscale bar in modern-day Los Angeles becomes the proving ground of one man’s earnest quest to answer one of life’s biggest questions: gay or straight? (English)
A young woman hires a fiancé for a day to impress her parents, only to see everything quickly spiral out of control. (English)

Total runtime: 70 minutes