short program happy endings

Short Program Romantic Happy Endings

Sometimes pure fantasy, sometimes lyrical, sometimes down to earth and sometimes time traveling, these films explore the deep feelings we have from childhood on, searching for and ultimately finding our true love.



Girl of my Dreams
Edward Watson has been looking for something that can change his life. His challenge is to find what needs to change. Tonight he will search for answers in the most vast place anyone can explore, his own mind. (English)



once upon a lineOnce Upon a Line
A man lives a boring life until he meets somebody and his world turns upside down. (Music only)




Fish and FlowerFISH AND FLOWER
The boy is trying to keep the fish alive. (Music only)




MACHINATORThe Machinator
It is a love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes in place of Arthur, his father. Arthur opposes the relationship and tries to prevent it. John overcomes all obstacles and gets to his love. (Subtitles)



Lion Dance is a romantic visual poem set during a traditional Asian parade in which a highly acrobatic dance is performed to bring good luck. (Music only)



TheWoodsThe Woods
A beautiful little love story with a lot of heart. (Music only)




teaforTwoTea For Two
Jim and Alice are serving behind the counter of an idyllic but quiet British village tea shop. When some customers finally arrive, they’ll soon discover it’s more than a pot of tea and a slice of cake being dished up by their peculiar hosts. (English)


theletterThe Letter
A love story about a young Geisha and her admirer who stood by her in trying times. The letter is her declaration of gratitude to the man she loves. (Music only)




The Secret NobodyknbowsThe Secret Nobody Knows
Inspired by a poem by e.e. cummings, The Secret Nobody Knows is a War Romance set in 1952 during the Korean War. The story is about a couples’ last few hours together before he departs overseas. (English)




Total runtime: 70 minutes