short program choices

Short Program Choices

In loving, we humans are faced with a myriad of choices: how to communicate with each other; how to merge our separate identities into that of a couple; how to grieve a lost love and how to decide when it’s time to move on. These films incorporate the myriad choices we face as we dare to love.


The Bridge
A stranger enters So-Ri’s life and seems to know all her secret fears, doubts and hopes. Unable to stop herself So-Ri follows him to a place from which there might be no coming back… (Subtitles)

Lennon Gandhi Mayburn (Kim Kutner) is different; she sees dead people. And with the help of her favorite departed friend, Mrs. Polanski, an old lady with a penchant for adventure, she learns that although she may never see her beloved parents again, there may still be hope at true love in the real world. (English)

Desde de Papel
It is the love story between a teenager and a drawing out of the paper to be with her.

The Hesitant Man
To François, every decision is impossible. But his everyday life is going to change when he’ll find the solution to all his dilemmas: the Indecisive will play is life… at heads or tails! (No dialogue)

A man wakes up in an empty white room. The only object in the room is a laptop. Whatever he types on it becomes true. (English)

Proverbial Luck
Idioms garnish our language, but are often hard to translate. This comedy helps to illustrate them and tells the story of two neighbours, who become enamoured. (Subtitles)

Beyond the Sea
Jamal, a young Gambian migrant, arrives in Italy on a boat, emotionally scarred by the tough travel of desperation and death (across the Mediterranean sea). He will recover his life, abruptly abandoned, on the keys of a piano which will offer him a way to reconstruct his future.

Total runtime: 80 minutes